medac has specialised in the treatment of malignant diseases since its foundation in 1970 and since then has gained many years of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of oncology products in Germany. It has had a presence in the UK since 1993.
In addition to oncology/haematology medac also offers both new and well proven therapeutic options in the areas of autoimmune diseases and fibrinolysis.
medac is one of the few companies which engages in the field of diagnostics. medac combines therapeutic and diagnostic tools to enable high efficacy treatment procedures.



medacs goal is to increasingly improve scientific capabilities and drive forward innovative developments, to offer customers a comprehensive range of medications for a wide variety of therapeutic options. medac will devote attention to less common indications for which they endeavour to develop therapeutic solutions and constantly expand their portfolio to meet market demands.



medac is committed to both supplying therapeutic products and providing the diagnostic resources for identifying and specifying diseases. medac continue to invest in manufacturing and logistics capabilities to meet the increasing demand of patient needs.